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We are your one stop company that can fulfil all the needs in your company without the expense of hiring staff.


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Is your website looking a bit old and dated. Do you want a new look and feel to enhance your company?


hugb can save you money on those little jobs, and even on your web hosting with our dedicated virtual server

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We can only measure our success on the completed jobs that we do.  Hugb  has a long list of successful tasks carried out for other companies all of which are in strictest confidence.  We would love to tell you more but one of our policies is not to reveal our clients.  Rest assured that when you want a job done we are the company to do it for you

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Back Office

Ordering supplies for your printers. and other equipment.

Visiting and keeping the simple maintenance up to date in your office, for example light bulbs, cleaning supplies, and bathroom supplies.

Scanning of documents and offline storage.
Booking travel and making arrangements for any trips.
Source experts to aid and assist you in your business.

Accountant for year end or maybe even to take on the book keeping.


What else?

Staff & Advertising

Staff folders, keeping the contents relevant to any changes within your business.

Staff NDA – do you have an NDA in place? – protect your business today.

Printing and design of stationary, business cards, event promotion.

LED advertising services, large screens for events and advertising.

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